Can Groundhogs Eat Apples? (Is It Good For Them?)

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Can Groundhogs Eat Apples? (Is It Good For Them?)

Can Groundhogs Eat Apples? (Is It Good For Them?)

It may seem simple to ask, “do groundhogs eat apples,” but the answer is quite complicated. As herbivores, groundhogs, or woodchucks, eat plants like clover, alfalfa, and dandelions for their diet. It is known, however, that they sometimes eat fruits and vegetables, including apples.

Specifically, this article will discuss whether or not groundhogs eat apples as part of their diet. To help you understand these animals’ behavior and dietary habits, we will provide you with comprehensive information.

Groundhogs and Their Diet

Herbivores and groundhogs eat various plants, including leaves, stems, flowers, and roots. Grasses, clover, alfalfa, dandelions, and other plants that grow in open areas comprise most of their diet. Some plants, such as clover, are preferred by them, and they actively seek out and consume.

It is also known that groundhogs eat fruits and vegetables, although these foods account for only a tiny portion of their diet. Sweet fruits, such as apples, pears, and berries, as well as vegetables, such as carrots and sweet potatoes, are preferred by groundhogs.

Do Groundhogs Eat Apples?

The groundhog does eat apples. Despite this, they should only be offered apples occasionally since apples are separate from their natural diet. A groundhog may eat apples from an apple tree in the wild if available but do not actively seek them out as a food source.

Apples should be fed to groundhogs in moderation if you intend to feed them. Apples can cause digestive issues in large quantities due to their high sugar content. The feeding of groundhogs can also cause habituation and dependence on human food sources.

How to Keep Groundhogs Away from Your Apple Trees

Several steps can be taken if you want to prevent groundhogs from eating apple trees on your property. To prevent groundhogs from accessing fruit, install a physical barrier around the trees, such as a fence or netting. You can use repellents like predator urine or hot pepper spray to deter groundhogs.

Additionally, groundhogs play an essential role in the ecosystem and should be treated respectfully. Avoid direct contact with groundhogs if you encounter them on your property.


As a result, although groundhogs are primarily herbivores, they do occasionally eat fruits and vegetables, including apples. Nevertheless, apples are not a natural part of their diet and should not be offered regularly. It is possible to deter groundhogs from eating apple trees on your property if you want to prevent them from eating the fruit.

This article was written to provide you with comprehensive information about groundhogs and their dietary habits. I would be delighted to respond to any further questions or concerns.


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